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Reports to the Standards Commission

When the Commissioner concludes that a person's behaviour has breached the applicable Code of Conduct, we report to the Standards Commission for Scotland.

Breach reports

We investigate complaints about the conduct of local authority councillors and the board members of certain public bodies. When the Commissioner concludes that the person’s behaviour has breached the applicable Code of Conduct, we report to the Standards Commission for Scotland. In these cases, the Standards Commission may decide to:

  • ask us to investigate further
  • hold a public hearing or
  • take no action.

Since 1 January 2020, we have referred the following breach reports to the Standards Commission for Scotland:

Breach reports from 1 January 2020
Case ReferenceCouncil/Public BodyDate referred to the Standards CommissionHearing Date*Outcome
LA/CES/2214Comhairle nan Eilean Siar / Western Isles Council16/01/202018/03/2020No hearing held
LA/Fi/2268Fife Council24/03/202024/08/2020Not found in breach
LA/R/2257Renfrewshire Council27/04/202010/09/2020Disqualification
LA/SL/2252South Lanarkshire Council28/04/202023/07/2020Censure
LA/H/3003Highland Council30/04/202008/07/2020Censure
LA/AC/2276Aberdeen City Council08/06/202022/10/2020Censure
LA/WD/3016West Dunbartonshire Council10/06/202014/09/2020Suspension
LA/AC/3199Aberdeen City Council16/06/202020/11/2020Suspension
LA/Mo/3132Moray Council26/06/202012/10/2020Censure
LA/Fi/3125Fife Council29/06/202009/11/2020Censure
LA/R/3262Renfrewshire Council16/07/202010/09/2020Disqualification
LA/Fi/3039Fife Council22/07/202023/11/2020Suspension
LA/Fi/3075Fife Council22/07/202023/11/2020Suspension
LA/ER/3271East Renfrewshire Council10/08/202013/11/2020Suspension
LA/Fi/3278Fife Council28/09/202016/12/2020Suspension
LA/SI/3305Shetland Islands Council08/10/202017/12/2020Censure
LA/OI/3265Orkney Islands Council30/10/202018/01/2021-

*Please note that hearing dates are scheduled solely by the Standards Commission.

Interim Breach Reports

In certain circumstances, the Commissioner may issue an interim report to the Standards Commission asking for a Councillor or board member to be suspended whilst we investigate a complaint.  


This step is reserved for the most serious complaints received, where the conduct complained of poses a risk of harm to others, including members of the public, other councillors or council staff, or has the potential to significantly undermine the ethical standards framework.


Since 1 January 2020 the following interim reports have been referred to the Standards Commission:


Interim Breach Reports from 1 January 2020
Case Reference Council/Public BodyNature of ComplaintDate referred to the Standards CommissionOutcomePeriod of Suspension
REDACTEDREDACTEDSexual misconduct26/02/2020Suspension not granted-
LA/AC/3199Aberdeen City CouncilCriminal conviction and disrespect25/02/2020Suspension granted04/03/2020 to 20/11/2020


Find out more about hearings and interim suspensions on the Standards Commission's website:

Making a complaint

We investigate complaints about the behaviour of MSPs, local authority councillors, and board members of public bodies and about lobbyists.

Making a complaint

How we investigate

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