Welcome to the website of the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland

The Commissioner and his team work in two areas:

· Public standardss - we investigate complaints about the conduct of MSPs, local authority councillors and members of public bodies

· Public appointments - we monitor how people are appointed to the boards of specified public bodies in Scotland

You can find out more about the Commissioner’s work on the pages of this website.

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Our work on
public standards

The Commissioner is an independent Officeholder who is responsible for investigating complaints about:-

  1. Councillors;
  2. Members of devolved Public Bodies;
  3. Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)

who are alleged to have contravened their relevant Code of Conduct.

More information on public standards can be found here.

Featured Publication

Guide to Information 2015

Date Added: 28 May 2015

This document lists all the information regularly published by the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland and how to access it.

Our work on
public appointments

The Commissioner regulates the way appointments are made to the boards of Scotland's public bodies. The Commissioner:

  1. publishes a code of practice to be followed when making non-executive appointments to the boards of public bodies
  2. examines the practices used during appointment rounds with a view to ensuring they comply with the code of practice
  3. investigates complaints about the public appointments process
  4. monitors appointments with a view to ensuring they are made fairly and openly and that everyone who may be interested in an appointment has the opportunity to apply.

More information on public appointments can be found here.

Latest News

Investigating Officer Recruitment

The Commissioner is recruiting for two new Investigating Officers. Applications are welcome from 7 April and the closing date is midday on 1 May. Visit our vacancies page to find out more about this interesting and rewarding post.


We have moved!

The Commissioner has moved office. Our new address is:

Thistle House

91 Haymarket Terrace


EH12 5HE

T: 0300 011 0550

T: 0131 347 3890

E: info@ethicalstandards.org.uk

W: www.ethicalstandards.org.uk