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In some circumstances, it can currently take up to 4.5 months to conduct an initial assessment for some complaints, particularly if they are complex. We are doing everything we can to reduce this time. You can find average timescales for each stage of complaint handling across all types of complaints here.

Meet the team

The Commissioner and their Senior Management Team are responsible for overseeing our different functions - investigating complaints about conduct, monitoring appointments to the boards of public bodies and managing finance, HR and the office. You’ll find more information about the Commissioner and their Senior Management Team on this page.

Organisational Structure

Ethical Standards Commissioner's organisational structure

Standards Team


  • Senior Investigating Officer
  • Hearings and Investigating Officer
  • Investigating Officers x6
  • Senior Investigating Support Officer
  • Investigating Support Officer


Corporate Services Team

  • Head of Corporate Services
  • Governance and Finance Officer
  • Information Management and IT Officer
  • HR and Facilities Officer
  • Corporate Support Officer


Public Appointments Team

  • Public Appointments Manager
  • Public Appointments Officer
  • Public Appointments Support Officer