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In some circumstances, it can currently take up to 4.5 months to conduct an initial assessment for some complaints, particularly if they are complex. We are doing everything we can to reduce this time. You can find average timescales for each stage of complaint handling across all types of complaints here.

Good practice case studies

We encourage the Scottish Government to continually improve how it appoints people to the board of public bodies. This involves trying new techniques to attract and assess people and then reviewing how effective those techniques were. We ask the Scottish Government to look at whether an appointment process was successful, including whether it led to a more diverse board.

When a new way of working proves to be effective, we produce good practice case studies so that selection panels faced with similar circumstances can see what worked previously.

You can search for relevant case studies based on a range of factors such as the type of position being filled and the particular aspects of diversity sought. 

There is no one size fits all approach to securing diverse and effective boards. The approaches taken should always be relevant to the posts being filled.

We welcome suggestions for improvement to existing studies as well as examples of new practices that have proven to be effective. Please contact us with these at any time.

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Good practice case studies