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Harnessing board diversity - NHS 24

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This is one of a series of papers that describe the different techniques that boards are using to harness the diversity of their members.

Each paper includes a checklist of actions that boards can consider adapting and adopting to suit their own circumstances.  


This paper includes advice on: 

  • meaningful staff and stakeholder engagement
  • leadership walkarounds and
  • learning from service user case studies

Each paper includes contact details for boards that want to find out more.

Download publication as pdf
Download Harnessing board diversity - NHS 24 publication as pdf
Download publication as word document
Download Harnessing board diversity - NHS 24 publication as word document

We are particularly keen to get different voices actively involved.  There is a great difference between ‘diversity’ in practice, and ‘inclusion’ in practice.  It’s a bit like with ‘diversity’ thinking you are being invited to the party… whereas with ‘inclusion’ you are being asked up to dance...we are asking stakeholders to dance with us.


Madeline Smith, Board Member.