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Harnessing board diversity - Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

| Diversity delivers | Public Appointments

This is one of a series of papers that describe the different techniques that boards are using to harness the diversity of their members.


Each paper includes a checklist of actions that boards can consider adapting and adopting to suit their own circumstances. 


This paper includes advice on:


  • better structured and more meaningful engagement with diverse communities and stakeholders
  • fostering a clear understanding of the different dimensions of diversity to better inform board discussions and define roles in the board room
  • learning how to embed a shared awareness of and commitment to continuous improvement.

Each paper includes contact details for boards that want to find out more.

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Download publication as word document

“We must embrace difference as a Board even when it feels tricky.

If we constantly challenge ourselves and others to receive contrary views warmly and start from the belief that they are offered with benevolent intent, we will achieve a constructive tension that makes us better in our overall governance role”


Kirsty Darwent – Board Chair