Promoting diversity

We published Diversity Delivers, the first equality and diversity strategy for Scotland’s ministerial public appointments process, in September 2008. It resulted from significant research into the operation of the public appointments process and the barriers people face when considering, or applying for, a position on a board. 

The strategy includes practical recommendations intended to achieve change in three areas:

Awareness and Attraction Toggle accordion

A pool of applicants as diverse as the people of Scotland, aware of and attracted by the work of our public bodies and the opportunities to serve on their boards.

Confidence and Capacity Toggle accordion

An appointments system that inspires confidence, increases capacity and embraces diversity, from the application process to the boardroom.

Education and Experience Toggle accordion

A programme of support for our future leaders, developing and providing opportunities for all to achieve their full potential and for Scotland to draw upon its brightest talent.

The strategy makes recommendations for the Scottish Government on the way the public appointments system should be developed to attract a wider and more diverse range of applicants. It also includes recommendations for boards to consider. 

Additionally, the strategy includes diversity targets for the Scottish Government. We report progress against these in our annual reports. We also published a report on progress against the strategy in 2011 with a ten years on report on progress published in 2019

We continue to work in partnership with the Scottish Government and others involved in the system to support the implementation of the recommendations in the strategy.