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Update: We have moved to hybrid working and our staff are not always on site. As a result we only have intermittent access to postal deliveries. Please note that it may take longer to process items sent by post. For a quicker response please email or phone us or use our website

Publications and information

We publish a range of documents covering all aspects of our work. Our annual report outlines what we’ve done each year. Business plans and minutes describe how we run the organisation. There’s also information for employees such as holiday and family leave policies.

Use the filters on this page and the search function to find the documents you’re interested in. To find out more about what types of information we publish have a look at our Guide to Information. There’s a link below in the Featured Publications section.

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Archived publications

Older publications are not available on our website – these are available on request. If you would like any of our archived publications, please get in touch.

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When a new way of making a public appointment proves to be effective, we produce good practice case studies so that selection panels faced with similar circumstances can see what has worked well.

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